Dome Mountains : Mount Rushmore

Into the Depth of the Dome

What Are Dome Mountains?

They are the most unusual type of mountain. Dome mts form when molten rock rises through the crust and pushes the rock layers above it. The magma does not go through Earths surface though, like a volcano would. The magma instead cools underneath the surface and forms the core of the mountains. The top would look spherical after this. Then because of erosion, it becomes more hill like.

Is Mount Rushmore Growing or Eroding?

Mt Rushmore is eroding, but not as fast as Sedimentary rocks would, since it is made out of mainly granite.

Did you Know?

-The heads are 60ft from chin to hairline. The noses are 20ft and the mouths are 18ft.

-A $250,000 plan is going on to prevent the mountain from faulting or cracking.

Rose Dietrich, Mod 7/8, 3/31/14