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We will you eat in the USA ?

We will eat breakfast in The James Hotel of New York.

We will eat to dip Bagels and Cream cheese, and drink Orange Juice.

The James Hotel

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Bagel and Orange juice 1

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Bagel and Orange juice 2

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Two, What will you eat in th USA ?

We will be going to restaurant 'Cheese Burger in Paradise'.
Restaurant's famous food is cheese burger.
So, we will eat to restaurant's cheese burger.
'cheese burger in paradise' is a Maui, Waikiki Beach, Wailea, Waikiki Beach Walk, Las Vegas, Key West, Florida has a branch.
Later, we all the branch are going to see.

Cheese burger in Paradise

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Bacon Cheese Burger

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California Cheese Burger

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What will you eat in the USA?

We will eat Rips steak and Garden salad at Black Angus, a famous restaurant in LA.

Rips steak

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Garden salad

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↓ Black Angus steak house video !

Black Angus Steak House Orlando

where will you go party while in the USA?

While in the USA, We will make friends in the United States.

So, we will go to the Pot Luck Party.

We will go to the party with holding wine.

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↓ Pot Luck Party Video !

Gooseberry Patch 101 Slow Cooker Recipes Potluck Party

where will you go shopping while in the USA?

We will go Saks Fifth Avenue to purchase clothing, cosmetics, jewelry, etc.

After shopping of Saks Fifth Avenue, We go to Lazarus will purchase Guess Jeans.

After that, we will go Nordstrom for eye shopping.

↓ Saks Fifth Avenue 5TH Heritage Video !

Saks Fifth Avenue OFF 5TH Heritage Video

Who are we?