The Coppell Rat Snake

Feared by all

Snakes background info

Snakes are limbless, flexible reptiles. There are about 2,900 species of snakes. Of these species, 375 are venomous. Snakes live all around the world, from deserts to marshy swamps. Snakes can adapt to almost anything. Without limbs to worry about, snakes can almost live everywhere.

Adaptations and eating

The rat snakes main adaptation is camouflaging into trees. When an animal comes close or on the tree the rat snake attacks. The rat snake was originally black, but over time and relocation of species, it has turned brown And green.


  • Snakes are " the top of the food chain" and eat many animals and organisms. It keeps the ecosystem in balance. A number of animals hunt and eat snakes. These predators depend on snakes to make up all or part of their natural diet. The removal of snakes from ecosystems that include predators of snakes have a negative impact. The black-crested snake eagle, together with a number of other raptors or birds of prey feed on snakes, as do mongoose and weasels.

Some of what they may look like