Cassidy Colyer

Background/Overview of Group:

  • ISIL was first established in April of 2004 by Abu Mus'ab alzarqawi, in goals to solidify and expand its control over its own territory. The group now is being led by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and often targets people and tries persuading them to pressure foreigners to leave the country, reduce the popular support of of US and other like governments, and attack recruits. ISIL could have from tens of thousands of people to over two hundred thousand people. Overtime ISIL has increased its force, and is still expanding.
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Key People/Leadership

  • The current leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, was born into a lower-middle class Sunni family in Samarra, Iraq, 1971. Baghdadis Uncle had persuaded him into joining the Muslim Brotherhood while he was in graduate school. He is favored by group members because of his ancestry and his religious academic background. It's claimed that he is decent of the Prophet Muhammad. The people have faith that his certain characteristics are capable of creating and winning a modern day Holy War. Social media is a big key for ISIS in regards to recruiting new members. They do this by releasing lots of propaganda of the group. They often sugar coat the actual actions of the group, and tell people what they like hearing such as there is always a need for them.
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  • Ideologies of ISIS often sight the Quran. Members are in ISIS to try and create a unified, Muslim territory where their beliefs can be enforced. ISIS has proved that they will stop at nothing to try and accomplish their goal.The motivation behind ISIS and their actions is mainly the drive that the members have to reach their goal.
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  • ISIS tries to achieve their goal by taking many different approaches to get points across, and to make a name for themselves. ISIS has recently taken credibility for many attacks that have been happening in public places that have hurt/killed numbers of people. Its said that they do this because they want to show their ability to project reach and power. Sometimes, they broadcast live attacks or tortures of people that they have captured on social media. In October of 2014, two soldiers were ran over by Martin Rouleau-Couture responding to Abu Muhammad ad-Adnani's call to arms. More recently, in June of 2016 Omar Mateen shot and killed 49 people at a nightclub, and was later killed by police in Orlando, Florida. These attacks can happen anywhere around the world, not just in the US.

Successes /Failures

  • Some people argue that ISIS has been successful over the past few years. They have tapped into certain marginalization's to gain territory and local support. ISIS fighters are battle-hardened strategists making them a harder target, along with their brilliant social media strategies which allows ISIS to recruit fighters internationally to increase their international recognition. ISIS is a threat all around the world, they can do lots of damage killing and injuring big numbers of people suddenly. It is said by some that ISIS cant be contained, it must be defeated, which would cost a lot of money and military forces. Others say that you can't beat terrorism with force. You have to listen to what they want and address issues that are being brought up.
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