4th Grade Gazette February 2016

Feel the love in 4th!

Classroom Happenings and Upcoming Events

Dear Parents,

We will not be having a formal Valentine's Day party. However, students are welcome to bring in Valentine cards and/or treats for their classmates. If your child chooses to do so, he or she will need 22 cards/treats as we have 23 students in our classroom. Here is a class list to help! We will make time on Thursday, February 11 to exchange since Friday the students will be out of school. Thanks so much for making all of your child's classmates feel loved!

1. Taniah Bookwalter

2. Isabelle Boyd

3. Alzina Brewer

4. Ayden Burchfield

5. Saraih Camilo

6. Jadaan Cooper

7. Alyssa Daniel

8. Lacey Garen

9. TJ Higgins

10. Jazmyn Hyatt

11. Alivia Lyke

12. Nathan Meehan

13. Cody Moore

14. Cheyenne Morris

15. Anais Muniz-Alvarado

16. Sarah Pillow

17. Makenzie Porter

18. Daniela Saucedo

19. Kaylee Seeley

20. Mason Slowick

21. Timothy Sunderlin

22. Cadence Thompson

23. Marques Wynn

Hard at Work!

Social Studies/Science

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be exploring space: the stars, the planets, the moon phases and the cycles of day/night and the seasons. We will then venture into the west during our social studies time. Finally, we will finish the content area standards by studying the ecosystem.