Education Managers


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Our Stance

My party’s stance on this issue is that education is really important and that it shouldn't matter what choice you make as long as your child does go to school. Whether the school is private, charter, or public school.


It is important to my party because it will keep people smart and knowledgeable about certain things in life that we do need to know. It also keeps people informed on what is okay to do and what is not.

No Child Left Behind (NCLB)

No Child Left Behind (NCLB)

No Child Left Behind(NCLB) is the 2001 bipartisan law that intended to improve Kindergarten through 12th grade schools, under the theory of standards-based education reform.

Pros & Cons of NCLB


The Pro’s of NCLB are that assessment-driven reform can have a powerful influence on school curriculum and reform, if tests are carefully designed to be consistent with the kids of learning in the classroom and if there is a tight connection between cognitive learning theory, the curriculum, classroom activities and assessment items.


C The Con’s of NCLB are that with the education systems is the fundamental misdesign of schools, lack of qualified teacher and the instability of families and communities.

Expanding the Choice of Schools

Pros & Cons of Expanding the Choice of Schools

Pros- The Pro’s of Expanding the Choice of Schools is that richer people have a choice to send their kids to a public school or to a private school.

Cons- The Con’s of Expanding the choice of schools is that some schools wont allow certain kids because they are a different religion or that have disability.