Colin Fischer

by; Kiyah, Joseph

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High school

His school is at San Fernando Valley. It is called West Valley high.


In our book Colin Fischer, Colin Fischer is a boy who has a problem with people touching him and the color blue. Everything he has seen he observes in a red notebook. At his school there was a gun found that somebody dropped in the middle of an argument. They assume that it is the Wayne Connelly's gun but Colin says it isn't. Colin observed that there was cake on the gun and Wayne is a very neat eater. After Colin finds out that Wayne was suspended he walks down to Wayne's house and Wayne and Colin take a walk and discuss it. Then they go to a gangs hideout and do something wrong and Wayne and Colin get chased down by the gang members. The conflict of the book is the gun and who owns it. So there for it would be man vs. man . Wayne is the suspect in the conflict and Colin is the detective in the conflict.


The conflict is resolved besause Wayne is proven inocent. Sandy got suspended for having the gun in her purse. Colin is not afraid to be touched. He is friends with Wayne besause Wayne protected Colin. So Colin and Wayne both changed a little bit.