Social Inequality

By Clayton A, Dawson D, Jaden W and Juliette F

The Repetition of Acts in Society

In "The Berlin Boxing Club" Jews are being discriminated and thought of as lesser people because of the way they look, the way they act, or what religion they were. This actually happened in Germany, when the society was corrupted because everyone was lead to believe that Jews were vile people and had less ability/power than Aryans. This caused Jews to be attacked, have their houses raided, have their belongings taken from them, and have people act like they were nothing. This caused many Jews to be sent to concentration camps to be executed, which was a huge turning point for Germany and the rest of the world.

Our Question: How can we prevent people from being judged by society’s views?

A situation similar to the discrimination of Jews is the discrimination of Blacks. Recently, there was a shooting in Baltimore and riots had started because the man, Mr. Grey, hadn't been seen doing anything wrong. Six officers were convicted of homicide and tried in court, but people don't feel like that is enough justice for Mr. Grey. Black people are being treated like they don't mean anything when they are the same people we are, just with a different color of skin. They need to be treated we the same respect and indulgences whites do. We need to realize that they need more protection because they have less. Just because skin is different, doesn't mean they deserve to be treated like trash.

Possible Ways to Solve These Problems

A solution that can be used is removing all of the current officers from the area, and bring in new officers with different training so they can try to understand the situations that happen.

Another solution is The Kerner Report Solutions: "To mount programs on a scale equal to the dimension of the problems: to aim these programs for high impact in the immediate future in order to close the gap between promise and performance; to undertake new initiatives and experiments that can change the system of failure and frustration that now dominates the ghetto and weakens our society."

Juliette's Summary/Valuable Parts for Sources


USAToday- This has a lot of people’s thoughts on the death of Mr. Grey and what should happen to the officers that were convicted of killing him, and how wrong it was that they killed him.

CNN- This has a lot of info on what happened after the shooting and what people are doing to retaliate to it.

TruthUncensored- This is talking about the costs of the damage of the riots and how they are trying to fix the city and stop the riots.

Wqad- Has many pictures on the after effects of the riots and shows how damaged the city is.

Valuable Parts:

USAToday showed me the thoughts of people and how they felt about the shooting and this tells me that everyone was mad.

CNN gave me info on how the city is dealing with all of the problems and why people are so angry.

TruthUncensored showed how bad the riots were and the amount of damage done and that helped convey the way the people are feeling.

Wqad gave me great pictures to shoe the riots and how people felt about the shooting.

Clayton's Summary/Valuable Parts for Sources

HuffingtonPost: People need to look back at the Kerner Report for solutions to these problems.

BlackPast: The Kerner Report was a way to solve riots in 1967.

Dawson's Summary/Valuable Parts for Sources


Source 1: it is saying how you need to stop judging by being mindful and that you need to educate yourself. It also says to look for good ness inside of everyone because your brain scans for negative things in people. But you must then look at your own behaver and then to feel good about yourself because everyone needs to thing the good inside of them

Source 2: it mentions why we judge it is mostly because we are insecure or even lonely. It also says what happens to the people we judge and some of that is you hurt them and put negativity in the world. But it also explains the process to not judge anymore.

Source 3: This source is where I got most of my information and it said how you need to think if you were born with a different mother and then realize that you’re not all knowing and then you must show respect to everyone.

Source 4: This one helped me to know that if people get to depressed than they might take their on life and it is probably a cry for help to show this world that we live in that judging is a serious problem.

The book tells me that you can’t be in anyone else’s shoes because everyone is different.

Baltimore riots: helped me know about what is happening around the world.

Valuable Parts:

Source 1 and 2 are not super helpful but helped with the whole general idea.

Source 3: helped me the most because it showed me the way to not judge

Source 4: showed me how people can get so depressed that they will just commit suicide because their life is horrible.

Book: Gave me good text like you can’t be someone unless you step into their skin

The Baltimore riots source: explained to me what is happening in our world