Welcome Back Teachers!

Wyman/Holden Library Services

Are you ready?

Welcome back to a new school year at Wyman and Holden schools. Thank you very much for the warm welcome from the Wyman community, and I am of course thrilled to see all my Holden family. I'm here to help you with your reading, research and technology project needs. Together I'm sure we'll have a great year!

Open Library Times

During Open Library feel free to send 5 students at a time for books. You can use the internal phones if you want to, to let me know they're coming. Book Open Library time with me to bring your entire class for instruction. Plan on staying and we'll work together on whatever project you'd like to try. Starting a research project? Schedule Open Library time to bring the entire class to check out books on their animal, state, career, weather feature....

Wyman Open Library

Monday 9:40-10:40

Tuesday 8:45-8:55

Wednesday 8:45-8:55 and 2:45-2:55

Thursday 1:00-2:00

Friday at Holden for the day

Holden Open Library

Friday 11:25-12:25

Tara Castro Library Media Specialist