The Amazing Race

The race across the world

The game

In this game teams (10) will go across the world to do cultural challenges or tasks and the team with the most wins and survives till the last task wins the race.

"Lighting up the sky"

First task:teams will go to Idaho,US and they will build fireworks under 5 min. and when the time is up the teams will count how many fireworks they have and the team with the most fireworks wins.

And then they will travel to their next location

The next location is there final task

The last task: "Dragon" in China,Asia

In China,teams will find the dragon that has 3 people inside,but the challenge is that there will be exactly 50 dragons and the team that finds them first wins the race!

The last team wins the whole race and earns a special prize.

We would like to sponsor target for making this possibly.And thanks to all the teams that have participated in the race.Thank You and goodnight.