The followers are called Christians

All About christianity

All Christians believe in Sabbath which is the day of rest on Sunday and the Holy Trinity which is the father and son(Jesus Christ) Christians celebrate many holidays such as Christmas and Easter. Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus and Easter celebrates the sacrificial death and resurrection of Christ.A Christians place of worship all guessed it CHURCH!!!!!! If you don't know already church is where Christian's pray, celebrate life etc. The worship leader has many titles you may recognize such as priest, minister, pastor, preacher and so on. A tradition all Christians go though is baptism. Baptism marks Christians entrance into church. The Holy book to Christians is none other than the Holy Bible. The Holy Bible is split into two sections. The first one is the old testament which is the Hebrew bible. The second one is the new testament which is the gospels and the spread of a message by apostle. The Holy city to Christians(also Judaism and Islam) is Jerusalem!!!


Did you know that christianity, judaism, and lslam all share the same common figure! I know what you're thinking "Well who is it?" Well i'm going to tell you right here right now! They share the common figure................ (Drum roll please).......ABRAHAM! But that's not all. They also all have the same view of god which is monotheism and that means when a religion believes in only one god.