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Trevor Peterson


my name is Trevor Peterson, I was born FortWorth Tx. Raised in mostly by my dad and grandma while my mom was away.

where im from poem

I am from leather, from where cattle were raised. I am from the great plains. I am from the blue bonnet the state flower. I am from unwrapping presents in December once a year and from loving parents. I am from were music is a key to happiness and from gatherings at steak houses. from my fathers saying hard work will eventually pay off in the mist of what might seem like crises. from my grandmother who had recently past away told me that one cant dance and be uptight. I am from Christianity.

ode to my brother

Oh how I've shared many moments with you.

through good and bad. Oh how I've tried

to get you to be normal but only if I had

known. that you could not learn and process

like everyone else. you always tried to learn

from me. bad and good habits you've learned

from me. I grew up so close to you as a brother

I can understand you when no one else does,

even our mother and father. autism has taken its

toll on you, but you haven't given up. through the

hard times of understanding. you've been the best

brother ever and forever will be.


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sonnet love of classic Rock

in ones resolve.

is ones revolution,

and better ways to solve.

there always must be a better resolution.

swiping the dust from musical past.

is a golden meaning.

is that music shall always last

and through everyone's eyes that hear, are gleaming,

the bright lights that shine

is when the bumps on my skin rise.

when lyrics rhyme.

and this is what I can relate

from where the music came to that date .


the sonnet was the hardest for me to write because its hard for to set up the poem and be creative in the rhyme part of it. my favorite one was my ode to my brother because I can relate to my brother a lot. its also to easy to write about him to because him and me have been through a lot and he's also unique from other kids around him.