Unified Arts Weekly Update


May 18th to May 22nd

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Activities, Resources and Opportunities

The following resources and suggested activities are being provided to assist you with various learning activities and opportunities. Please consider having your child/ children participate in any of the below activities that spark an interest in them. These are some great activities to keep a student engaged and learning.

Art: Mr. Arthers

Guidance: Mr. Schriver

Music: Mr. Viera

Phys.Ed/Health: Mr. Gaw

Technology/Library: Mrs. Jarret

Art - Foil Art

This technique has been around for years. Plan a simple composition, paying attention to all of the positive and negative spaces. Here are some step-by-step instructions. Let me know if you need help!

Supplies needed: Foil, Glue, cardboard and Shoe Polish

See the .pdf file below for step-by-step instructions!

Don’t forget to share you art projects that are assigned to you on the Unified Arts Newsletter. I would really love to see them.

Mr. Arthers

Guidance - Greetings from the Counselor

Please see the .pdf file below. There are two activities for you to do with your family.

Grounding exercise - This helps build confidence!!

Mindful eating - The recipes are delicious!!

I hope you enjoy these exercises and remember, for them to work, you need to practice them many times.

Mr. Schriver

Music - STOMP

Stomp is a music group that uses everyday objects to make music. We hear music all over the place, even in places we don’t expect! Here’s a great song they made on the basketball court!

Mr. Viera

STOMP makes basketball music with Harlem Globetrotters

Music - Home Drum Set

What better way to practice all of those rhythms that we learned in school than with a drum set? Go ahead and play along to all of your favorite songs! Let me know how it goes!


Mr. Viera

Phys. Ed/Health

This week's PE/Health exercise is to create a short video of yourself doing your favorite outdoor activity. Keep it short and fun. I would think that 5-10 minutes would work fine but it's up to you. Try and include in your video what aspects of PE and/or Health it benefits. Think back to the Wellness Triangle and the three sides: Physical, Social and Mental/Emotional Health.

If your activity is more physical in nature ask yourself which of the five components of Physical Health does it target? They would include: Muscular Strength, Muscular Endurance, Flexibility, Cardiorespiratory Endurance and Body Composition.

Keep Your Distance...Stay Safe...Have Fun!

Mr. Gaw


Want to work your brain and maybe win a prize for you and the school library?

Log in to https://www.breakoutedu.com/live each day at 2p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

Guess the answers to the clues and you can win a prize!

Mrs. Jarret

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Technology/Library - How Computers Work?!?

Here's the second video in the series that explains in more detail how a computer understands language. Check it out!!

Plus, here's another binary message for you to decipher:

1011001-1001111-1010101 1000001-1010010-1000101 1000001-1010111-1000101-1010011-1001111-1001101-1000101.

Mrs. Jarret

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How Computers Work: Binary & Data
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