Health and safety

for a Fitness Instructor

Equipment Induction

The first thing you must do is to inroduce your client to the equipment, show them how to use it. The technique and dangers so they can make the most of the equipment theyre using. If you have a client you must show them round the room and how to use the equipment. Even something as small as not showing them how to use the equipment could endager them, like if they need to know where the emergency stop button is and couldnt find it on the tred mil they could be badly hurt.

Previous Client Health Conditions

Its very important that a fitness instructor knows all of their clients previous health conditions for their own saftey. This could be dangerous for them if the fitness instructor doesnt know these things then they could over work them and make their physical state even worse than it was before. Like if someone had a heart attack then went to work out a month later the intensity would be very low for the safety.

Area Risk Assessment

An Area Risk Assessment is to enable your client to use the equipment in that area because you know that it is now safe after assessing the area. You must be careful because your client is intrusting his safety with you whilst training so if anything were to happen to you then it would be your instructors fault the ARA is done to prevent this.