Magnificent Mansion

Asking price: $250,000.00

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For sale $250,000.00

One in a lifetime deal.

This one of a kind Magnificent Mansion is for sale. Pleasantly located this mansion is surrounded by woods along with an open field and a great view. This spacious, elegant house is equipped for a large size family and includes

  • 10 bedrooms for everyone,
  • 5 bathrooms for every other room
  • central air to keep cool and warm,
  • balcony for a spectacular view,
  • pantry to store food, and
  • indoor swimming pool to relax.

Only for you

Imagine your kids face expression when they see this magnificent mansion. Only this one and a life time deal will fill your life with happiness.Family, friends, and a gated neighborhood in the middle of the country is perfect for anybody!

This Mansion only seen in your dreams could be yours to own!