MJS Class of 2016

A Newsletter for All Things 8th Grade

The Learning has Begun!

  • There are new Think Sheet, BCN, and Green Sheet procedures. Please ask your student to explain them to you.

  • This week we started working on the Harvest Festival - stay tuned for more details! Expect your child to be working hard to raise money for Reach Out on Friday, October 30.

  • Each 8th grade advisory will hold elections for student council representatives on Monday, September 14.

  • ISEE / HSPT Test Prep Opportunity: Unlocking Potential will once again be offering test prep classes for 7th and 8th graders this fall. Please click here for details.

  • Enrichment rotations have begun:
8A - Art with Ms. Wong
8B - Technology with Ms. Bononi
8C - Health with Ms. Berger
See the galleries below for more information.

Art Enrichment: Students working on their mask projectors (8A)

Technology Enrichment (8B)

Health Enrichment: Students learn about nonverbal communication & trust (8C)

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Carpool Rules

  1. Don't stop the car in front of the school (for drop off or pick up) before the fire hydrant.
  2. Please try to get to school early so no one misses Morning Prayer at 8am.
  3. Middle School students walk the block after school starting at 3:20pm.

Click here for more information.

Things to Look Forward to...

  • Tuesday, September 15 (3:30-5pm): Debate Team begins practice with Mr. Wolfe in H14

  • Wednesday, September 16 (3:30-4:15pm): Chamber Choir rehearsal with Mr. Toto

  • Friday, September 25: Mass of the Holy Spirit, Student Council Installation, and School Families Begin

  • Thursday, October 1: 7pm Secondary Q&A and 8th Grade Back to School Night in the HPAC. Everyone (students and parents) should attend. (8th grade families do not need to attend the Middle School Back to School Night)

  • Reach Out at St. Francis Center begins in October - please expect an email from Mrs. Dilbeck regarding sign-ups for drivers.

School Dances

September 4, 2015

Dear Middle School Parents,

We would like to take a minute to remind the students about the guidelines for middle school dances. The independent schools in our community are continuing the tradition of hosting independent school dances for 7th and 8th graders. These dances are an opportunity for the students to enjoy the company of their friends in a relaxed setting and meet others from neighboring independent schools in the area.

All schools hosting dances have agreed to some general guidelines that will be enforced at each school site. These guidelines have been established to ensure safety and reassure parents that appropriate behavioral standards will be upheld. We ask that you review these with your child.

• All dances will be from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM and all students must remain at the dance until their parents arrive. The cost is $10 and includes pizza and a drink.

• Entrance is strictly monitored by school representatives from 7:00 to 7:30 PM. Gates will be closed at 7:30 and there will be no entrance after that time. Students are asked to bring their school identification cards. The dances are all single grade level dances.

• Clothing displaying offensive logos or any symbols of gangs, alcohol or drugs is not permitted. No short shorts. No midriffs. No spaghetti straps. Failure to follow these guidelines will result in denied admission.

• Mayfield students may bring ONE guest to the Mayfield sponsored dance. All guests must be preregistered, and will be required to sign in.

• A combined roster has been established of all 7th and 8th graders from the member schools. Those attending dances will be required to sign-in. Only students from surrounding private schools will be allowed to attend the dances.

• No slam dancing, moshing, freaking, or other sexually explicit dancing will be allowed.

• Schools will be notified if their students are a behavior problem or late being picked up following a dance. These students will not be allowed to attend the next dance.

• Do not bring any valuables. Bags and backpacks will be locked up and not be accessible during the dance.

• Students will refrain from taking pictures or video on mobile devices unless they have the consent of the individuals being photographed. Look for designated picture taking areas at each school.

• *Students are responsible for following the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) of their school. The host school reserves the right to notify the students’ school of any inappropriate use of technology.

If you have any questions regarding the independent school dances, feel free to contact the Director of Middle School, Bridget Kelley-Lossada at x2101 or bklossada@mayfieldjs.org.

2015-2016 School Dance Schedule

8th Grade Retreat 2015

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8th Grade Advisory Team

Pamela Danni, Team Leader (pdanni@mayfieldjs.org)

Lisa Byrne, Advisor and Co-Team Leader (lbyrne@mayfieldjs.org)

Chris Goethals, Advisor and Secondary School Liaison (cgoethals@mayfieldjs.org)

Juan Garcia, Advisor and Student Council Leader (jgarcia@mayfieldjs.org)

Ruth Villarreal, Advisor and Athletics Director (rvillarreal@mayfieldjs.org)