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#572, May 14, 2016

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Library on a Jump Drive, Well, 4 Jump Drives

Using the latest in social media and popular culture math I've determined that all the words in the entire print collection in the library where I work would fit onto four, count 'em, four jump drives! According to DK Books, It Can't Be True, you can fit the text of a million books into one terabyte of storage.

The entire Library of Congress would fit into 39 terabytes of storage.

The website Gizmodo keeps up to date on just how much data you can smuggle in a Rubik's Cube.

How much data will fit in a Rubik's Cube?

Wait, now even more data fits in a Rubik's Cube

The Library of Congress actually collects estimates and comparisons of it's size in digital terms.

It Turns Out that Apple 1984 Ad Didn't Stick

So, big brother can just take your stuff.

Before you move everything into the cloud, make sure you know what the cloud is doing with your files.

Possibly the World's Most Amazing Family Archive

I know where to find my term papers from junior high but that is nothing compared to the Corsini family who can find papers from 600 years ago.

Unusual Library Jobs

It seems that every organization builds a library eventually.

“the honor and the burden”

What do you do when your father leaves you a large but very specialized collection? George Carlin's family found an answer.

Print Isn't Dead: Dark Days

The Daily Sun is no longer a daily. The Cornell University daily paper is only going to press 3 days a week.

Print Isn't Dead: But Don't Hang Onto It

One of AARP's suggestions for downsizing and saving money is to get rid of your books and music and access them online. It looks like they haven't read the article about your digital content disappearing.


Something different this week, how to find lost library books.

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