By: Ethan Brown

What is the Capital? and what does the flag mean

The capital of Sweden is Stockholm which is by a river because back then there only water sorce was a major body of water thats why Stockhlom is on a river. The Flag colors represent those of the Swedish coat of arms. The three gold crowns on a blue feild.


Its absolute location is 62 degrees north and 15 degrees east. It is located in Europe while Norway and Finland surround it. It is also on the Siberian penninsuula. Sweden last borders the Baltic sea. Some major landmarks are Scandinavia and the highest peak in Sweden Kiruna. Some major bodies of water are the Baltic sea and the North sea. They also do a little bit of commercial farming mostly forestry they use alot of vehicles which can lead to air pollution.

Government Of Sweden

Sweden has a constitutional monarchy for their government. Their leader is King Carl XVI. Learders there are chosen by elections as in the United States. Citzens there have to pay taxes, and serve in the military for at least 7.5 months.


Sweden is a poor nation with a GDP of 450.5 billion. Money there is used in Kronas instead of dollars. Some of there impots are machinery, petroliam, chemicals, motor vehicles, foodstuffs, clothing. Some of their exports are paper products, pulp and wood, iron and steel products and chemicals.Their life expectancy is 81.98 years, birth rate is 11.91 births, water sorce is urban and rural both at 100%.

Culture of Sweden

Over in Sweden their clothing is modern like ours bit they also have a traditional folk dress. Their language is Swedish. A major holiday that they have is Saint Lucia. Swedens main religion is Lutherean. A popular food they is are Rose hip soup which has rose hips, water, sugar, and potato starch.


Swedens climate is mostly mild. Their average yearly rainfall is 500 to 800 millimeters. Their average yearly temperture is 26 degrees farenhight. They have limited reasorces because of the very low temperture.

History of Sweden

They raided Finland and other Baltic sea islands. This helped them extend their territory. Sweden, Denmark, and Norway formed a union that helped by stopping wars between them.

Compare and Contrast to the United States

Sweden has a constitutional monarchy and the United States has a constitutional federal republic. Sweden has mostly Lutherean as a religion and the United States has mostly protestant as a religion. They both have flat lands and hills, they bothe grow wheat and dairy products. They have different GDP's, and the United States has a greater popularity.


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