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Weekly Update for the week of November 30th


First of all - INCREDIBLE JOB in November!! Our of 116 in my downline, 65 of you had SOME sort of PV for the month. That is FANTASTIC!! We had over $33K in team sales. WOW.

You amaze me. Truly. I know you're juggling SO MANY THINGS and you just continue to ROCK your Thirty-One business!!!

If "rocking" your business means a $300 party or a $10k month....I want to CELEBRATE YOU!!! We all join the company for different reasons and each of us has our own unique WHY....along with our own unique challenges!!

That being said…whether you had $10K in sales or $0 in sales last month…everything starts clean today.

Today…we all have a ZERO! But we don’t have to.

These next ten days can be HUGE for your business and for your family’s budget. I can’t express how nice it is to have some cash deposited into your account the day before Christmas!!

That is exactly what happens when you are paid for sales you put in between now and December 15th. You'll be paid Christmas eve (if not before..sometimes they pay us even earlier )!!

KEEP IN MIND that we have GUARANTEED delivery by 12/24 for orders placed on or before December 10th. That’s why I want to help you focus each day on maximizing this time!! These next ten days are HUGE. Have I mentioned that??

BOTTOM LINE: You invested in that $99 pink box for a reason. This is the time of year that people are spending TONS of money. And we have the BEST gifts!! You have everything you need to be successful this season (over the next ten days). Will you commit to giving it a shot? What is your goal? How much cash would you like to have put in your account on Christmas eve?

TODAY: I would encourage you to create your OWN link for a party that YOU are hosting and share it with friends and family who are shopping for gifts. The BEST gifts. We have them! Be confident about that - and don’t hesitate to SHARE. I think sometimes we resist the urge to share because we are afraid of hearing NO. Guess what? If you don’t share, the answer is NO. You already have NO. Go for YES! Or Maybe! Or “I’ll think about it!” And SHARE. Share your excitement, share your enthusiasm, share your love for this amazing company. Share the gifts YOU are giving. Share the holiday embroidery options. Share the coordinating patterns and products and fun personalization. Share the aprons. Share the thermals. Share the stocking stuffers…SHARE!! There’s a lot to share.

If I can help you…holler.

LET’S DO THIS!!!! XOXO Chelsea

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Team Christmas Party

Hey Team, below is a link for the EVITE for our Team Christmas party! I'd love for you to join me in celebrating this Holiday season. It'd be great to get together with all of you.
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2016 Spring & Summer Product Premiere is SATURDAY!!!

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The BEST way to build a business that will pay you FOREVER is to build your team!! If you help enough other people get what they want, YOU will get what you want in the future!! SHARE, SHARE, SHARE our Better Together Opportunity with all of your customers, hostesses, best friends, family and more....This can work for anyone willing to give it a chance!
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