10 Ways To Be Happy

and release stress

Become aware/live in the moment

if you are aware and in the moment life is a lot more peaceful and not as stressful.

Simply take a second and appriciate

appreciate who you love, your family, the sports you play, the friends you have. It makes you feel good about yourself.


CALM DOWM. Sit in a quiet area and in a comfortable position and take just relax for 30 minutes. (its also been proven to clear your head).

Deep Breathing

take a deep breath, all the way in and all the way out.

Go on a run/Maybe go to the gym/Just workout

release all of the endorphin's in your body by sweating in off and getting a good workout in. This will cause your body to relax after you are done with the workout

Stay Positive

If, you have a positive attitude it will be so much easier to finish off the day. However if you have a negative attitude you will get down on yourself and finishing off the day will be so much harder.

Just Smile

Smiling actually keeps you happy! It has been proven that the more you smile throughout the day the happier you will stay!

Positive self talk

If you look at yourself in the mirror and compliment yourself. Your self esteem rises, you may smile, and your day will be started out better.

Have Some Fun

At the end of the day when you are fed up and just want to be done; you just need to sit down relax and do something you love to do. Maybe play a video game, watch a move, play a board game, invite a friend over!

Simply Laugh

This may fall under the category of "smiling" but in reality they are two completely different things. you may do both at the same time but Laughing releases your endorphin's kind of like sweating does except in a different way.
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