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Sir Walter Raleigh

Sir Walter Raleigh was born roughly around 1552 and died at 1618 at the age of 66. He died because he was a supposed foe of King James 1.His career's are being a writer,poet,soldier,politician,courtier,spy,and an explorer.His nationality is British.His homeland is Hayes Barton, East Budleigh,Devon,England.

What nation did the explorer sail for? And who paid for it?

Sir Walter Raleigh sailed for England or for Queen Elizabeth 1.The person who paid for his voyage was Queen Elizabeth 1.The reason why she paid for him was because he was a favorite by Queen Elizabeth 1.

sir walter raleigh's death

Sir Walter Raleigh died by being a supposed foe of King James 1.Although he was imprisoned because he married one of Queen Elizabeth's maids of honor.He and his new wife were imprisoned by the Queen until he paid for his and his wife's freedom and he kept distance from the jealous Queen.After Queen Elizabeth 1 died in 1603 he was implicated with being a foe to King James 1 and imprisoned with a death sentence.The death sentence was then commuted, and 1616 Raleigh was freed to lead an expedition to the new world.To establish a gold mine in Orinoco River region of South America. However the expedition failed and returned to England.Where his death sentence of 1603 was invoked against him and he was killed.

sir walter raleigh historical significance

He made the first settlement to America in 1587.

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Lesson 10 Sir Walter Raleigh and John White

2-3 Essay of why I would or would not move from europe to the new lands?

I would not move to this new land.The reason why I would not move to this new is because I don't want to risk dying by native Americans.That and also because not even the explorers know what to expect on this new place.But there is a couple of pros and cons to it as well.But the worst thing would probably be dying by native Americans.Or dying of hunger or disease.But a plus would be that I could have a farm or maybe have my own land in the middle of nowhere.
Another thing is I wouldn't have to pay the taxes that we have in Europe or be told what to do by the monarch.But transportation would be a big problem.But that's what grass and trees are for.Every walk would be beautiful.But what weather would they have as hot as the spring or summer or as cold as winter and fall.A problem would be that war would be going on with the natives so when I go to sleep I might not wake up again.Although I wonder about food like what animals they have or if any and also crops.How would we know how to farm our crops with the resources that we have? I guess I'll never know until I go there.But I probably wouldn't go anyway.That's what I think will happen or why I will or would not go there at that time.