what makes your computer a computer

what is a drive?

kinds of drives

hard drive

solid state drive

optical drive

what dose a hard drive store?

a drive disk drive stores hardware device stored in your computer that used to store files and hardware

what dose a solid state drive store?

its one of the fastest drives ever it will go faster that a hard drive !

what is a monitor?

A monitor is the graphics ouput device. whitch uses a VGA cable .

what is a CPU?

the cpu is the hardware device in a computer that excutes all of the instructions from the software

what is a ram?

random access memory is a form of computer data storage whitch stores data inside your computer so it wont be lost .

what is a rom?

rom stands for ( read only memorly)

rom is a computer file whitch contails a copy of data

what is a motherboard?

found in moden computers whitch holds many of the crucial compents

what are inputs and outputs?

a input is something you type in e.g. keyboard. mouse. touch screen. microphone scanner

a output is something that comes out like a printer. projector

this picture is a input device a key board is a input device

what is a touchscreen?

a touchscreen is a new peice of tecchnology that alows you to interract with it.

you can touch what you want instead of useing a mouse.