Art, Music & Expressionism

How Can We Use Art to Express the Ideas From a Song?

Gnarls Barkley - Crazy

The Project:

Grade 9 students will be exploring a variety of ways to connect visual art and appreciation for their favourite music. We will look at examples of artworks that have been created in order to express messages and emotion from music -- everything from paintings to videos!

Students will select a song of their choice, and will decide which material or technique allows them to capture and express messages from the song. Since some messages can contain several layers of meaning, they will also be introduced to artists who use postmodern principles for effective visual communication.

Students will then use the critical analysis process to examine and interpret their own artwork. They can either write their analysis, or use a program/application to record their thoughts. They will be expected to use correct terminology in their critical analysis.

OK Go - I Won't Let You Down - Official Video
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Curriculum Expectations

  • applying elements and principles of design to create art works for the purpose of self-expression and to communicate ideas, information, and/or messages
  • producing art works, using a variety of media/materials and traditional and/or emerging technologies, tools, and techniques, and demonstrate an understanding of a variety of ways of presenting their works and the works of others
  • demonstrating an understanding of the critical analysis process by examining, interpreting, evaluating, and reflecting on various art works
  • demonstrating an understanding of, and use correct terminology when referring to, elements, principles, and other components related to visual arts