Jade Kay

The Pianist

There was a

Pianist, how great she played

She often wished to play all day.

The serenading tunes she created

They could not be debated.

This passion she could not get out her head

She even thought about it while laying in bed.

But she was a disgrace

To the teachers who wished her to be replaced.

For her grades were terrible

And Jade was a rebel.

Refusing to even try

Therefore the teachers attitude toward her was very dry.

Seeing her strut through the hallways

People often looked at her in dismay.

Her thrifty clothes turned heads

Jades favorites shoes were shiny and red.

Talented she was when it came to keys

Hands running over them, making the audience pleased.

She never missed a note

And every one she had wrote.

No matter the crowd they were always fascinated

Of the young lady who was very dedicated.

A young pianist at heart

Was hidden behind this piece of art.

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The Other Side of Jade

Jade felt at home sitting before the piano but the crowd made everything awkward. Their eyes focusing in on her ready for the first note to ring out through the auditorium. Jade had always been confident but this was her first performance .She wore the most unique things that you couldn’t find in just any typical teenage shopping spot. She stood out and that didn’t help as she sat center stage. Examining the crowd she noticed everyone looked dead. The vibe was...well there was no vibe, it was just empty and quiet. In the crowd she spotted her best friend Rachel smiling super hard in the midst of all her classmates who often gave her rude looks in the hallways. The teacher section didn’t make her feel any better. See Jade was a straight D student. She disappointed her teachers and none of them had faith in her because her lack of effort. Her Biology teacher Mrs. Rogers was front row, she told Jade she wasn’t going to amount to anything in life, this was her chance to prove her wrong. This gave her a spark of motivation she placed her hands on the piano and began to play. The audience immediately scooted to the edges of their chairs, their eyes stared in amazement. Jade glanced up seeing the shocked faces and smiled beginning to play even more vigorously. Fingers running up and down the piano ,she had never played like this before, not even when practicing. She didn't know where this was coming from but her confidence was at its max and she felt energized as if she could conquer the world.

Ending the song dramatically the crowd exploded with applause standing to their feet, even Mrs. Rogers. Tears of joy streamed down Jade’s face she did what felt like the impossible. This talent she had hidden for so long had been discovered and it made her feel ten times better about herself. All the discouraging words from her teachers meant nothing she had just showed the world that Jade Kay was going to be a successful pianist.


Jade Kay was my main character who was a lazy and not so good student. But undercover she was this amazing piano player that nobody knew about. I chose her to have this role because I felt like I could relate since I too play the piano. Though not as skilled as Jade I hope to be one day, she’s my inspiration. The piano was all she cared about it was something she enjoyed doing. Jade was a very interesting girl, she wore thrift store clothing and kept to herself. She appeared to be snobby just because she walked with her head high and had confidence. People would confuse that with a stuck up attitude. But in all honesty Jade just really felt good about herself and because of how people treated her, she had an ¨I don't care¨ and nonchalant attitude. This is another way she inspires me I want to be at the point in my life where what people think about me doesn’t matter. Don’t get me wrong I know who I am but that doesn’t mean I’m not self conscious at times and worried about what people think of me. Nobody really thought nothing of Jade until she showed her hidden talent. This goes to show that in the modern world people are judgemental and don’t take the time to know a person. Everyone is guilty of doing this even myself so it’s up to us as individuals to change this way in thinking. People will surprise you and I think it’s important to know what others have to offer because one day it could help you. Jade was always a good person at heart she just had her flaws like every other human on this earth. Just because Jade chose to be different people treated her differently. Not taking the time out to look past the surface and go a little deeper to discover the other part of Jade. They underestimated Jade and she knew it was time to reveal the other side of herself. In society they encourage you to be different and unique, don’t follow the crowd, be yourself...but that’s very contradicting in a way. Teenagers who take this narrow path of doing there own thing and separating themselves from the average teen are often left out or picked on just because they don’t want to be another copy of what society has painted of an average teenager. Jade was approached with this same problem like many teens today but she was able to be herself but yet be praised by stepping out and showing the world who she really is. This also goes to show that stepping out of your comfort zone can make a huge difference and even cause you to discover things about yourself that you never knew. I created Jade Kay because she basically did all the things I hope I can do one day, I want her story to come true in my life.