GOAL Newsletter 9/25/15

Hello GOAL Families,

We have had a busy week in GOAL and we were all very productive! In Gator Shredding, Ms. Cooley would like to know if there might be a mechanically minded volunteer that would be willing to look at a few shredders that no longer work. If you can help, please email Kathycooley@greenoaksschool.org

Bible Class studied the first chapter of Genesis, focusing on God's best creation, people. Each participant made a card to remind someone that God and the sender love them.

Cooking Class used the oven for the first time to cook tater tots. We also identified many items used in the kitchen. Social Skills class discussed the correct way to ask for help. We found it easy to recognize impolite ways that are sometimes used.

Community Skills class went to Target and talked about emergency exits and different kind of doors. On the way back to school we stopped at Arlington Memorial Hospital to see a revolving door.Each participant that wanted to was able to experience going through the revolving door! It was fun. Almost every person wanted to try it. In Expressive Literacy we did a fun activity on recognizing our names. Mrs. Jones found that our participants were quick to see their own names and really enjoyed the activity. We walked the track for the first time in Fitness and Wellness. We kept a record of how many laps we did. Our goal was 10 laps and almost everyone was able to do it! In our Wellness class we discussed the three kinds of wellness, emotional, physical and social. Mrs. Jones was very impressed with all the participant's folding in Skills for Independence class. We folded shirts and practiced using hangers. We also talked about laundry and the best way to get laundry done. In Zoology we continue to talk about nocturnal animals. We started learning about spiders. We measured how big a bird eating spider is and decided we are glad we don't live in South America where they are native!

FACTS Class played dominoes and matched the dots. They are learning to tell time and what we do at those times. They are also working on number mazes. In Social Studies after checking miles to New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana, we decided we would rather drive than walk! Production Room made number puzzles for others who are learning to count. They also staged photos for wooden plaques. Remember November 14th is the Craft Fair and we are already working on projects.We need clear 2 liter bottles for a project we are working on. Team planted herbs in self-watering bottles for counter tops.

The Animal Shelter and production room are in need of newspapers. Please continue to send in Box Tops. We really appreciate them!

In Science we learned about our muscular system. We will learn about some of our organs next week. Our second Green Team has been planting seeds and clippings. We have been recycling water bottles to use as pots. In Literacy the groups learned about signs and did a good job on their indoor signs worksheets. Clean Team has been working on cleaning sinks and mopping.

In Current Events we read about the Special Olympics and watched videos of the opening ceremony.In Technology we have been working together in partners to accomplish different computer skills such.

Don't forget to register for Buddy Walk! The deadline is October 1st to make sure you get a t-shirt! If you haven't been before it is a lot of fun and benefits our school! Buddy Walk is October 24,2015. Also you don't want to miss the Thriving with Down Syndrome conference on October 3rd. If you aren't able to attend it would still benefit your student to attend.

We can't wait to see what next week will bring!


GOAL Staff