Scholarship Essay Workshop

Presented by the Counselor Cafe Series

The Boettcher and Daniels Fund Scholarship Deadline is Coming Soon!

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Get the Help You Need This Wednesday!

Learn how to make your essays:
  • Stand out and shine
  • Give necessary information in a succinct way
  • Offer the reader valuable info you may not have thought of
  • More...
Plus, teachers and counselors will be on-hand for support (and a little proofreading!).

Scholarship Essay Workshop - Part II

Thursday, Oct. 20th, 11:30pm

3500 Mountain Lion Drive

Loveland, CO

Media Center

Did You Know?

Scholarship essay readers generally read hundreds of essays (possibly thousands over time). Your job as an essay writer is to make your essay the ONE they remember! To do this...

Start by:

  • Thinking of your accomplishments over the last few years and write them down!
  • Adding quantifiable data to those accomplishments (How many people did you lead at that conference? How much did you raise in that 5K you planned? Who did you impact? How many hours of service did you put in?).
  • Thinking of what is important to you in the future and show how you would use your scholarship money to achieve that goal?
  • Describing how you can impact others with what you are given, in addition to how you already have.
  • Painting a picture - Grab the reader's attention. Remember, they have to read 100's of these. Make them sit up in their seats when they read yours!

These are just a few ideas on essay writing. Please join us at the Counselor Cafe Scholarship Workshop for additional support. The focus this week will be on the Loveland Community Scholarship.

The Boettcher and Daniels Fund Scholarship Deadline is Coming Soon!