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Security screen for addressing windows issues

Many of you do not know about the latest advancements and technologies that have occurred in providing a barrier to your windows and doors against bugs, insects, intense UV rays, scorching heat and intrusion. One of the solutions to above mentioned issues is security screens.

Crimsafe security screens

On visiting the market you may be able to find various security mesh products but Crimsafe security screen contains an edge above all these ordinary security mash products. The Crimsafe security screens are made up of 304 grade stainless steel and aluminum it offers a great physical barriers to intruders. 304 stainless steel is more absorbent to energy in case somebody attacks your house. On exposure to moisture aluminum remain prevented from corrosion. As the technology has advanced the techniques of intrusion have also changed. Now even sharper tools are used for cutting the screen. Crimsafe screens give you a sound production against these techniques. Patented screw clamping methods to fix the mesh are extensively practiced to give sound proofing to the interiors.

Industry averages

Industrial averages are normally the benchmark required for the manufacture of any item. However superior quality providers supply products which is definitely above Industrial average’s. For example Mesh screens are normally 0.8 millimeter thick and the suppliers stick to this thickness. However some premium quality suppliers extend this thickness to 0.9mm to give better density per square centimeter. 316 marine stainless steel will give you outstanding results on exposure to salted water however normally this exposure is minimal. So opting for 304 graded stainless steel will supply you with other added benefits as well.


Every home is uniquely built with different sizes of doors and windows. Now you can have customized and personalized screen doors and security screens to fit in the measurement. Suppliers also keep in mind your aesthetic sense so security screens these days serve a great purpose of adorning your windows along with functionality.

Keeping dirt and grime at a distance

If you are fed up of piling up dirt and grime on your windows then you have a solution for this problem. Santoprene rubber used in frames of security screens will now wash away all dirt and grime with rain eater. Also on dry days you can easily maintain sound cleaning of security screens.

Finding good quality suppliers and products may give you heavy budget options. It is always a good idea to manage resources and to invest in high quality security products as life is invaluable however money can be arranged or paid to loan giver in installments. Good suppliers keep their customers satisfied with utmost care and support they need. They do not outsource their services but cater individual client themselves. Also screens come in numerous colors and finishes. A nice and crunchy finish is definitely essential for beautifying the charm of any place. You can even browse online for quality suppliers and can easily match and compare their products and services with others.

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