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John Hancock Charter School - September 16, 2022

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Support the PTO Fundraiser!

The PTO fundraiser, which helps fund programs like music, art, teacher appreciation, reading month, classroom supplies, library books (and more!) is starting next week. This is a once-a-year fundraiser where we ask for direct donations because we don't like to sell ice cream bars any more than you do. Spread the word with family and friends. If you donate over $100 before the carnival, meals for your entire family at the carnival will be free.
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8 Keys of Excellence - September Key is "This is It"

THIS IS IT! – Make the most of every moment
Focus your attention on the present moment. Keep a positive attitude.

This Is It! is about focusing on NOW instead of later, or next week, or next month, or next year, or yesterday, etc., and making the most of it. A positive This Is It! attitude can make everything we do and every day productive, fulfilling, and fun!

Life is full of distractions and opportunities to do something else, something other than what we’re doing now. Many of us spend a lot of time thinking about those other things. Instead of making what we’re doing now “it” our focus is often elsewhere—on things we wanted to do, could have done, should have done, or want to do “sometime.” Whenever our thoughts are occupied with something other than what we’re doing, we miss what’s going on around us in the moment … while we’re waiting for the next moment to arrive the present moment slips away.

When we live in the NOW we have power! With a This Is It! attitude we make the present “it” and find joyful moments that we might otherwise have missed!
SuperCamp How to: Apply the Key of This Is It! to Succeed in Distance Learning

Battle of the Books - Book List Attached to this newsletter.

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John Hancock Charter School

· Goals for JHCS are instill the love of learning, inspire the heart, mind and soul to prepare students to become responsible citizens and productive members of the community. Provide a solid academic foundation for future learning. Instill an appreciation for the social and natural sciences and the cultural and fine arts. Provide a strong technology base in order to equip students with the knowledge and skills they need for our rapidly evolving world.