🐬 Week of December 14, 2020

Hollinger's Island Elementary School

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Back to Remote Learning for the Week of January 4 through January 8

  • We will send home devices and other necessary materials with students on Friday, December 18. We certainly want everyone to be at school on the 18th, but if your child is not going to be absent, please make sure the teacher(s) know ahead of time so they can send home materials on the 17th.
  • We may email or post on FB with additional information on remote learning.
  • It is hoped that we will be on remote for that week only.

Congrats to Mrs. Allen's class for their Great Gnome Hunt victory! Mrs. Allen found the Papa Gnome and her class won a KiwiCo kit for each student. Thanks to The Boys and Girls Clubs of South Alabama for providing the kits!

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Special thanks to our local VFW for providing Thanksgiving baskets for six local families. They faithfully come through for us every year!

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Phonics Fun!

Sorting and Counting!

Unless they are ill, please have your child/ren at school every day!

  • Absenteeism, especially chronic absenteeism, negatively affects a student's progress in school.
  • If a student is doing face-to-face and needs to miss a day, they are marked absent. Students are not allowed to miss a day and do their work remotely, with the expectation of being marked present for the day. It simply doesn't work that way.

Congratulations to 5th grader Christopher Kelly for being selected to attend Phillips Prep for next school year!

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Remote students must be on time to class, keep their cameras on, and take all assessments with their classes.

Remote parents, please use the chat feature when you have a question for a teacher. We are receiving complaints about parents interrupting a class to ask questions. Also, we cannot stress it enough... please allow your child/ren to do their own work! Helping your child rather than allowing them to experience productive struggle will impede their progress and cause them to fall behind.

Upcoming Dates

  • December 21-Jan 1: Christmas break
  • January 4-8: Return to remote learning