Group Non-Fiction Project

Personal & Social Development Unit

Objective: Create a Compelling Presentation that Encourages others to Be the Change

Step 1: Read your Book

  • What salient points does the author present?
  • What change/lesson does he/she assert needs to be made/learned?
  • Analyze / Evaluate the Book (think Book Review) as you go.

Step 2: Create a Smore

It's Easy. - then you just make it pretty!

Step 3: Establish the Context

What does your audience need to know about the compelling situation out of which this book was written? What is the "problem"?

Step 4: Content Components

Thoroughly address each of the following to convince your audience this is a text relevant and engaging to the modern reader.

Step 5: Write a Review

This will be the most "academic" part of your presentation.

You will write a review (using the instructions on the UNC page below) that includes an Introduction, Summary, Analysis & Evaluation, and Conclusion. Be sure you convince your audience WHY this book should be #1 on their summer reading list!

You will publish these on Amazon and Goodreads.

Step 6: Create a 60 second Public Service Announcement (PSA) on your topic.

Use QuickTime or iMovie (or the application of your choice!), then upload to YouTube to create a Review video of your novel and embed it into your Smore.

You need to

(1) Establish the Problem

(2) Propose a Solution

(3) Justify your Solution, and

(4) Motivate your Audience to Action

Never, Ever Give Up. Arthur's Inspirational Transformation!

Step 7: Design a Project

Design a Project in which we can partner with a local entity to work to Make a Change in Kansas City / Liberty.

Step 8: Tweet your Smore @_MrsBrownlee

Be sure to leave the "Comments" section active and the URL intact. Maybe will notice, too!

Your Smore is Due!

Friday, May 8th, 7am

1000 Northeast 104th Street

Liberty, MO