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Weekly newsletter for staff w/c 17th December 2018


Welcome to this week's KF Pro. The glitter is now well and truly ingrained in the carpets for another year and the corridors and classrooms ring to the sounds of Christmas songs and only another week to go before a very well earned break for us all. As always I want to thank you for another great week and all the effort that goes into everything you do.

Depending upon when you are reading this, I hope you have/had a lovely evening on Friday and were able to relax for a few hours before the madness of next week. Hopefully you have all managed to transfer onto the new emails successfully.

Karen x

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Messages, Information, reminders and notices

  • KS1 Nativity (Change of Time) - The dress rehearsal for the rest of the school will now take place at 2pm on Monday and not 9:30am as originally planned. The performances for parents remain at 2pm on Tuesday and 10:00 am on Wednesday.
  • Team Points Picnic - This will take place at 10:00 on Monday morning in the hall and was won by Orange Spitfires.
  • Staff meetings - Thank you to those that have requested time. I have heard from Claire Tu, Becca, Phil and Gemma so will book these in.
  • EYFS - As you may know, we will be making some changes to the structure of EYFS in January with Kate taking charge of the part-timers and Amy and Sarah D teaching the full-timers. This is to allow each class to focus on the needs of a wide age range of pupils and to allow Kate more time to fully carry out the role of SENDCo. Kate and Claire Th will be covering Reception for the time being on the days when Sarah D isn't in. Kate will continue to oversee both classes.
  • SLT Changes - By now you should all have received the letter I sent regarding changes to the SLT from January when Emma and Kate will be stepping up. Any questions, let me know.
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Diary Dates This Week

Monday 17th -

  • No hymn practice today
  • 10:00 Team Point picnic in hall
  • 10:30 SBM Conference Call (JMcK)
  • 11:00 Interview GTA for LH
  • 13:00 KH out
  • 13:00 Iain Tessier (new clerk to Govs) to meet KW & JM
  • 14:00 KS1 Dress rehearsal
  • 15:30 Book Fair in Hall

Tuesday 18th -

  • Helen Butler in Y1 am
  • GL (MSA) not in
  • 14:00 KS1 performance to parents
  • 15:30 Book fair in hall

Wednesday 19th -

  • Claire Tu. SLT Course am (Helen Butler cover)
  • 10:00 KS1 performance to parents
  • 13:00 EYFS to Church
  • 13:30 KW meeting SD & GL re First Aid
  • 15:30 Book fair in hall
  • 15:30 PA meeting parent AR (Hedwig)

Thursday 20th -

  • BC PPA all day (CTh cover am)
  • Helen Butler in Y1 am
  • 12:00 Christmas Dinner
  • 15:30 No staff meeting

Friday 21st -

  • CTh. out am
  • AH out all day (Helen Butler cover)
  • 9:30 KS1 in Worship in Church
  • 14:00 KS2 performance in hall
  • 15:30 Break up for Christmas
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Thank you's and Well done's.....

Thank you Mrs Bamforth for your support with parents this week. Your knowledge and calm, approachable manner are invaluable.

This week's birthdays....

This week we are saying happy birthday to:

Kim on 22nd and Dawn on 29th December