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June 6, 2021

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  • 6/11: Last Day of School
  • 8/19: First Day of School

Last Day of School is Friday, June 11th

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Chromebook Returns

District provided chromebooks and chargers will be collected between June 7 and June 16.

In Person students will be able to return their chromebooks and chargers while on campus during the last week of school (June 7 - June 11)

InterCONNECT students and anyone that missed earlier date or needed the chromebook till last day of school will be able to return the chromebook and charger between June 14 and June 16.

If you need to return your child’s chromebook and charger before June 7th, please bring it to the school’s front office or have your child return it to the Library (if your child is InPerson)

Upon return the chromebook will be evaluated and if there's any visible damage like broken screen or case, our technology department will assess the damage to determine the cost of repairs.

Contact me directly at with any questions.
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Next School Year

We are in the process of planning for the next school year. Please let the office know if you are moving or not planning on attending Carlin C. Coppin next year. We appreciate it!

916-645-6390 or

Star Summer Camps and Fall Registration

STAR will be offering specialized Summer Camps this summer in science, art, sports, and more! STAR Summer Camp will be located at Lincoln Crossing, Maidu, and Greenhills (as of 8/2). STAR will continue to follow all COVID-19 regulations to ensure the health and safety of staff and students.

The flyer attached will provide you an idea of the types of camps we will have available

Enrollment is now open.

STAR Registration for fall will begin on Monday, May 24th at 9:00 AM. To register for Fall Galaxy, please visit

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We are having some safety issues with student pick-up/drop-off. Please only use the curb along the sidewalk in front of the school to pick-up and drop-off your student in the morning/afternoon. We are noticing some parents parking alongside the new construction site area and having their kids cross the street there which is unsafe. IF you choose to park there you need to walk your kids to the crosswalk so they can cross safely. Thank you for helping us keep our Coppin kids safe.

Safety First!

Please make sure when your student is riding to school via bike or scooter that they wear a helmet. We want our students to be safe when in transit to and from school.
Request Lunches for In-Person Students

Complete this form for meal distribution on Tuesday and Friday. This form must be filled out by Monday at 8am to start on the Tuesday distribution and Thursday at 8am to start on the Friday distribution.

Request Lunches for InterConnect Students

Complete this form for meal distribution on Wed at Glen Edwards Middle School. This form must be filled out by Monday at 8pm to start getting distribution.

Drop off and Pick up Procedures

  • Please remember that school campus does not open until 8:15 am. There is no supervision for students prior to that. Please plan your mornings accordingly, we want our students to be safe!
  • For student and staff safety, we ask that everyone wear a mask when dropping off and picking up students. Please practice physical distancing and be a good example for students.
  • Please take extra care in the parking lot and drive-through lanes. Remember that East 12th is still a one way road. We ask that drivers pull all the way forward to keep traffic moving for others. Be patient and courteous.
  • Please only drop students off at the yellow curb. You may drop off in the bus zone after the bus has left.
  • Families are welcome to park and walk their students to the gates, but remember to wear your mask and make sure you are parked in a legal parking spot.

School Hours for In Person Instruction

Kindergarten and TK 8:20 - 11:50

1st Grade - 5th Grade 8:30 - 12:00

WPUSD Calendar

Check out the district calendar here!

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