German Grammatik

Emilee 7th hour

My Personal Information

Name - Ich bin Emilee

Age- Ich bin Vierzehn Jahre alt

City- Ich komme aus Kansas City

To school- Ich komme mit dem Auto zur Schule

Nomen (noun)- people,plants,things,you can see,touch, or feel (German meaning)

Definite Articles(Feminine)

Die- Die pronounced De (if you have a ie, or ei you pronounced the second letter). Die means that it is feminine (used for females). for example Die Deutschlehrerin (German Teacher female) Some times the rules don't apply like for Die Tafel (The whiteboard)

Definite Articles (Mascuinte)

Der-Der is pronounced how it sounds. Der is mascuinte some examples are der Jumge( The boy),Der Tisch(The table),however sometimes the rules don't go because its how to pronounce it for example when you say the chair its der Stuhl

Definite Articles (Neutral)

Das- Das is pronounced how it sounds. Das is neutral, some examples are Das buch,Das fenster. Sometimes the rules don't apply for examples Das Mächen (the girl) although its feminine the rule doesn't apply


Sein To be- To the tune of Frere Jacques-

Ich bin- I am

Du bist- you are

Er,sie,es ist- he, she it is

wir sind-we are

ihr sied-y'all are

sie,Sie sind- they, you are


1. Ich bin vierzehn Jahre alt.

2. du bist fünfzehn.

3.Wir sind vierzehn.

4.Ich bin Emilee