Wear Mufti!

everybody wear mufti!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mufti day is on ??/??/13

Wear mufti and donate a gold coin for Dunalley Public School because Dunalley Public School was burnt down by a bushfire.

Mufti Day

Friday, March 29th, 8am-3pm

Canley Vale Public School, Canley Vale, New South Wales, Australia

Canley Vale, NSW

Wear Mufti and donate a gold coin!
If you are not going to donate money, donate Dunalley Public school a silver coin but not 5c or 10c


"Hi my name is Stefany and I believe that helping people should be allowed anywhere around Australia."

Dunalley's Little Helpers

"Hi everyone we are the Dunalley's Little Helpers"