Container Homes Research

Alex Vargas

•What are the standard sizes for shipping containers and what is the square footage for each? (Include an image of each)


Inside Length – 19’4”

Inside Width – 7’8”

Inside Height – 7’10”

Square Footage – 153’8”


Inside Length – 39’5”

Inside Width – 7’8”

Inside Height – 7’10”

Square Footage – 308’1”

•How much does each standard size of shipping container weigh? Include size of container and weight.

STANDARD 20’ – 4,916lb

STANDARD 40’ – 8,160lb

•What kind of foundation is required for the weight of a shipping container? Elaborate on the different types and show examples of them.

•What local businesses handle shipping container sales? Please give their name and location

Container Outlet

Located in Multiple Regions in the U.S

•Can electrical and plumbing be included in prefabrication?


•What kind of insulation is needed for these metal structures?

There are different types of insulation available for these shipping containers such as, Fiberglass Insulation, Rigid Polystyrene Foam Panels, and Closed Cell Spray Foam.

•Roughly, what is the cost for a 6 container home? How about a single container home?


•Name 3 companies that specialize in Container home design and building as well as their location.

MEKA World - New Zealand

Logical Homes - Los Angeles

Kalkin & Co. - New Jersey

•There are numerous container homes in the state of Texas and especially in the Dallas area. Show 3 examples of homes in the state of Texas and their locations.

•Show 6 images of container homes around the world. State their location and square footage if information is available.