Jocelyne Matamoros

My Smore

About me:

I love to read because it puts you in a different world it's like you escape the world you're in to go into a different one. It helps your brain concentrate on different things. It also helps you learn a lot , it helps you see life experiences and a simple book helps you think differently about situations and about people. I would rather spend a night reading then going out to a party.

My favorite drinks are green tea and water, i find it ironic because i used to hate both of them. That showed me that sometimes the stuff you hate you can end up loving. I cant really get used to drinking soft drinks anymore or anything with a lot of sugar.

My favorite sport is soccer, it helps you clear your mind and i also think soccer is amazing because its a sport that's international. The whole world can get together and compete, i love watching the world cup because i think the most amazing thing is to see that the whole world get together. I think that what Nelson Mandela said once is true: "sport has the power to change the world has the power to inspire.It has the power to unite people in a way that little else does. It speaks to youth in a language they understand. Sports can create hope where once there was only despair. It is more powerful than government in breaking down racial barriers"

I would love to be a nurse or a therapist. Either one would please me to become i just haven't made up my mind, which one would benefit me more or which one i would love more. Every time i think about it i think that i want to do something that i can wake up every morning and enjoy my job and not only go because i have to go. I Want to be a nurse because i love helping people i love making them feel better and therapist does the same thing, it helps people with my problem and i love hearing people feel better about whatever they are going through.

I also love dogs , I have a dog which i have had for 9 years. i think that pets are the best things to have because they are always there. I love my dog but my favorite animals are turtles and snakes . I think they are the cutest animals and I also love fishes. The only animal i don't really like are rats and hamsters.