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Rose Haggar Elementary School 2015-2016

Week @ A Glance

Monday January 11

The Road to College Starts Here! - Wear Haggar spirit shirt

Kid Talk - Conference Room

Tuesday January 12

My Future is Bright! - Wear bright/neon colors

Interactive Word Wall Training for ELLs @ Sockwell - Beth, Ty, Allison, Caroline, Holly H., and Michelle off campus

4:00 - Yoga with Amanda

Wednesday January 13

On Track to Success...College Bound! - Wear warm-ups/sweats

Principal's Meeting - Cindy and Beth

Team Leader Meeting

Thursday January 14

Make Your Dreams Come True! - Dress up to represent your chosen career

Science Fair Projects Due

10:00-2:00 - 4th Grade Field Trip to the Interurban Railroad Museum

PTA Newsletter Submissions Due

6:00 - PTA Meeting

6:30 - Science Fair Awards

Friday January 15

Homecoming Friday! - Wear your favorite college t-shirt/colors

9:15-12:00 - 5th Grade Visit to Frankford

Tailgate Chili Lunch in the Lounge

SAS Data Entry Due 3-5

Looking Ahead

1/18 MLK - No School

1/20 Principal's Meeting

1/21 MLK District Event

Teacher Humor

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Principal Praise

Congratulations again to Paula Goacher, the RMH 2015 Teacher of the Year!

Welcome back, Mina Custer! We sure missed you!

Staff Spotlight

Kristi Sims - P.E.

College: East Texas State University

# of Years @ Haggar: This is my 18th!

# of Years in Education: 18! I stayed home and raised my girls.

Tell Us 3 Facts About You Not Related to Teaching:

  1. Grew up on a farm and had a horse
  2. Have a certificate signed by Mickey Mantle for being "Miss Smiles" in elementary
  3. My sisters and I used to sing in church when we were 7, 9, and 11. I had to stand on a stool!
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Amy Hightower - Dyslexia Support

College: University of North Texas

# of Years @ Haggar: 14

# of Years in Education: 17

Tell Us 3 Facts About You Not Related to Teaching:

  1. Cooking/baking is my #1 method of stress relief!
  2. I am an active member of the Pilot Club of Dallas, a service organization that focuses on helping those with brain-related disabilities and disorders.
  3. I have an adorable Mini Dachshund named Max.
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Read closely. Think critically. Be worldly.

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  • SEARCH feature
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