How to stay secure when online.

How to create a strong password.

There are a few rules to making a secure passsword such as:

1. Make the password at least 8 characters long.

2. Use lots of different characters e.g: Lower case letters, Upper case letters and numbers.

3. DO NOT give your password to anybody! Not even your best friend.

5 Ways to stay safe from scareware.

1. Double check anything you are unsure about and research the company or individual who is making the claims.

2. Hover your mouse over any suspicious links, to see the URL. THis will show you if it's dangerous or not.

3. If someone contacts you unexpectedly or you are not confident they are calling from the company they say they are from, refuse remote access to your machine.

4. Have internet security that informs you about malware on your computer.

5. If it looks dodgy close it instantly.