Texing While Driving Is Bad.

Texting While Driving Can be dangourous.

Why Is Texting Is Bad

-In 2011 at least 23 % of Collisions is involved cell phones that's had 1.3 million crashes.

Is Texting A Bad Habit.

- Yes, Texting Is a Bad habit because more than 40% of those admitted to texting while driving calls it to a bad habit. It Can increase the risk of getting, into a crash around like three times.

Texting During Driving Can End Your Life.

Does texting cause a teenage drive to be more distracted?

-Yes, I feel that texting Is bad! Because it can cause more damages. In 2011 at least 23% of collisions involved cell phones use, thats 1.3 million crashes. 97% of teens says its dangerous yet 43% admit to doing it. 60% or more have admitted to texting while driving at some point.