I FUNNY James Patterson

I funny is funny

Main conflict

Jamie Grimm a wheelchair bound kid with a talent to make people laugh.Jamie entered The Planets Funniest Kid Contest and won!Jamie takes us along the way through the ups and does to his journey to become the planets funniest kid.

My review

I Funny by James Patterson is a good read about the sit down Comedian Jamie Grimm he's a crip from cornball and has a hidden talent he is letting the world see.His talent is making people laugh.Jamie enters the planets funniest kid contes and wins I recommend you read this book.



Review from Internet

Parents need to know that, like author James Patterson's Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life and its sequels, I Funny: A Middle School Story gives good insight into middle school life. The twist here is that protagonist Jamie is a regular kid who happens to be in a wheelchair. Faced with the usual middle school challenges as well as a whole lot more, Jamie perseveres and strives to make it as a "sit-down comic." Filled with Laura Park's humorous illustrations, as in Patterson's other Middle School books, this is a fun read with substance. But be forewarned: Your child may start reciting one-liners 24/7. There's one kiss, no swearing, and there's a lot of hitting, throwing, and general bullyingdepicted in the illustrations, including Jamie being dragged out of his wheelchair by bullies. By commonsensemedia.org

Matthew Hollingsworth

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