Joe Pye Weed

Asteraceae Family

Meet The Joe Pye Weed

The Joe Pye Weed is a purple and some extra colors are pink and white. The weed grows up to 2-7 feet tall, the flowers head is 1/3 in. wide.The Joe Pye Weed blooms in July- September. I think it looks like a butter cup. It's leaf shape is shaped like a bunch of Vs.

Where Would You Find A Joe Pye Weed

You can find a Joe Pye Weed in the Northeast, Southeast, and Midwest. You can find it in woods, fields, meadows, ditches, and thickets.


* If you crush some leaves if they smell like vanilla, you have a sweet Joe Pye flower.

* Did you know that the Joe Pye Weed cures fevers.

* This wild flower is named after a Indian medicine man named Joe Pye.

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