Teacher Spotlight:

EPHS Intercultural Summit Experience

Estes Park High School is Shining!

We are shining the spotlight on teachers at the Estes Park High School this week. Students at Estes Park High School participated last week in an Intercultural Summit. Partnered with students and leaders from Eagle Rock School District, EPHS united for the 2019 Necessity of Exploration Conference: Honoring Our Differences & Exploring Our Similarities. This the second year in a row students from both schools have had the opportunity to collaborate together to engage in conversations surrounding diversity.

Compassion and Global Awareness

Students are developing competencies in the Global Outcomes of Compassion and Global Awareness.

There is an explosion of conversation in the room as students express their ideas surrounding identity. Over the 2-day Summit students engaged in critical conversations surrounding immigration, race, culture, and gender identity. This is something that these teachers hope to expand into an annual event for our students.

Students selected to participate in the Summit will take the experience and knowledge they have gained to make an impact as global citizens in their own school and community.

Estes Park High School's Intercultural Builders:

Staff members from Eagle Rock and Estes Park High school collaborated together to plan activities for the Summit. Teachers from Estes Park High School include Glenn Case, Kara McNamara, Andrew Virdin, Emily Bochenek, Mary Barron, Hannah Heckerson, and Anne Dewey.

Highlights of the Summit: Agents of Change