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Pre K 1 Newsletter

This Week....Earth, Sun and the Moon

  • This week we continued talking about the planet we live on, EARTH!
  • We also did a count down before blasting off into space to visit the sun and moon (Worked on counting backwards 10-0 BLAST OFF)
  • While the sun is too hot for us to land on we passed by it and learned that it is a Star
  • Then we went to the moon and learned about when man landed on the moon
  • We also played moon rock toss with aluminum foil balls
  • In our sensory bin we had space rocks along with some space ships
  • We worked on identifying numbers 1, 2, & 3 and following directions to color by numbers
  • We did sun art by painting with seran wrap
  • We did moon art using a clothes pin and a cotton ball to paint. This helped give the moon it's shaded area. We also talked about the man in the moon and how people see different things when they look at the moon.
  • We looked at pictures of the moon phases and talked about how it does not always look the same. (Full, half, crescent, etc.) I asked them to look at the moon at night and then come back and share with the class
  • We have also been working on putting the planets in order

Check out our class photos!

Below you will find some pictures from St. Patrick's day, Thank you all for participating! You will also see we had another picnic on Friday! As well as played our Moon rock game outside this week. Always trying to find ways to take advantage of the great weather and spend some more time outside!
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