September 2018


As some of us embark on the way to convention, we will come home transformed, as always. You may think, yep she drank the Kool-aid. No, just frankincense..... seriously this will be my 4th convention with doTERRA. It never ceases to amaze me, lift me and transform me. Each year is better, I gain knowledge, meet new people and know that I know, we're here to stay. If you can't make it, doTERRA has made it possible to watch online; just click here for your ticket today. Do not delay it will sell out. https://events.doterra.com/?utm_campaign=online_conv_ticket_18&utm_source=social_organic&utm_medium=youtube&utm_content=ca_yt_1

doTERRA is not just another oil company - we're revolutionizing the way we look at health care in our country. We're gaining control of our health and the health of those in our circle of influence, who you do know, who could benefit from these oils.

Personally, I believe it's terribly selfish to not tell people about our find! We talk like it's News, really oils and the use and benefits of them have been around for centuries. We took a left turn in America with the discovery of penicillin, I was raised on it. We kept a bottle in the fridge for my chronic ear, nose and throat issues. Who could have imagined that it would later trigger the onset of a Autoimmune Disease that could threaten my health.

Mom's be wiser than generations before us, become educated in the ways of Natural Solutions and lifestyles. I beg you!

Together we can change the world, are you in.... let's take a peek.

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I AM OILS, is a tribe of leaders dedicated to the mission of putting a healer in every home, discovering the truth about how to empower others to take control of their lives. We empower others to see possibilities in every area of their lives, from Health and Wellness to Financial Freedoms.

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