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January 13, 2017

Reconnecting with the Joy of Teaching by Finding Your #OneWord

I read an article this week that really made me think. I've included just a portion of it below, and her is the link to the full article. After reading this, I did a bit of research and found that this One Word idea comes from a pastor and there are several devotionals associated with it.

So, after a bit of research (I am a green, after all), I started considering what to make my One Word for this semester. The blog suggested trying out a few different words to see which one really helps to focus you on where you are going. I think I've finally settled on One Word.


For me, this means finding joy in the little things throughout the day. It reminds me to delight in the Lord, and that He delights in me. It's a reminder to be present in this very moment and take delight in what I am doing right now. It's an antidote to worry, fatigue, and uncertainty.

I think I'll try this with my SAT group next week. I want to have the kids make posters of their One Word and put them up around the room, or maybe even on the Wall of Awesomeness. I would also encourage you to consider taking this challenge yourself. That's all I have to say, and the rest of this is copies from the article.


Empower. Engage. Action. Commitment. Which word will set the tone for your new year?

Although the school year starts in September, we get an additional reset in January and as educators, boy do we need it.

Yes, we all love what we do, but it can be very draining at times due to the many additional factors involved in the profession. Whether dealing with the personalities of our children day to day or administration or any other outside influence, teaching is a career that requires all of us and because of that, we can easily get burned out if we don’t safeguard ourselves against it.

When choosing the right #oneword for you, consider what your goals are for the year and what word could have defined the year that is about to pass. If you’re looking to build upon that which is already happening, take the time to select a word that supports the work you’re currently doing. For example, I could have chosen the word #adventurous to describe my last four months as I have started a new job, in a new place. I could have also chosen the word #challenge.

Each word brings levels of context and connotation and as we select the word, we must consider what will be the idea thought bubble holding all of our experiences together. Remember there is no judgment for the word you’ve selected and it need only make sense to you. For as personal as your goals are, so should your #oneword be.

That being said, I’ve used words like empower and action in the past and to me 2017 is about #change. I tossed around others like #create #imagine, #dedicate, all of which would have been perfectly suitable, but instead of going for something fancy, I stuck with simple.

As you reflect upon your current situation and where you’d like to be next year at this time, what word will you consider to shape that journey?

Starr Sackstein

Important Dates

Jan. 14: Legacy Celebration Dinner, 5 PM

Jan. 16: MS X Blocks Begin

Jan. 24: PD Meeting (Curriculum Work)

Jan. 28-31: Chinese New Year (No School)

Feb. 7: Combined Staff and Staff Photo

Feb. 14-18: ACSC Basketball Tournament and Spirit Week

Feb. 15: Progress Reports

Feb. 21-23: MEW

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