Instructional Tech Talk

October 9, 2015

The Most DANGEROUS Apps of 2015

A must read article for educators and parents. Click the link to read and become aware of new apps available that are disguised to look like one thing (ie...calculator) but actually hide photos and documents.

Chromebook Login Shortcut

Cut down on login time by using the following shortcut when students set profiles.

  1. Students type in their email address
  2. Click "control + a" to highlight text
  3. Click "control + c" to copy
  4. Click the blue "sign in" button
  5. On the second login page, click "control + v" to paste the entire email address instead of typing it again

*This handy tip came from 3rd grade teacher Kierre Worsham.

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Save Time with Google Templates!

Valuable time can be easily wasted trying to create documents that have already been designed by others. Save time by exploring Google's extensive library of templates for Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

The screenshots below will help you locate the various places templates can be accessed.
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Educational Websites Rated by Age: Common Sense Media

Click link to explore new websites to use with students and read the reviews.

Ideas for Storing Headphones