Over the Hump

by: Father Charlie

January 2, 2019

Two years ago I walked into a health club in Dallas on thanksgving morning. It has about 60 cardio machines and I was surprised to see every one of them occupied. The club closed at noon. I got the message. Everyone was preparing to eat a lot. An hour or so on the treadmill can burn a lot of calories.

I know too, the health clubs await the new year for all of us who have decided, this time, my new years resolution will be to exercise and eat better.

There is a word that we need to add to our new year decision (PERSEVERANCE)

There is a prevailing adage. "if I change my mind, my behavior will change." Another adage, change my behavior and my mind will change.

That is the bottom line of recovery centers around the country. Maybe that is what the motto "JUST DO IT" means.

St. Paul who wrote widely years ago has some words for us who are planning the new year. It is the letter to the Romans,Chapter 5; vs 3-5.




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