Basketball style!!!

KNOW YOUR POSITION 1, 2, 3, 4, 5


There are five positions you have the 1 which is the point that brings the ball up the quart unless some presses.then you have the 2 which is your small person the the 3, 4, or the 5. next we have the 3 that is the next step down from the 4, the 2 and the 3 is your ones on the wings. then you got the 4, the four is your second big man and when you run the base line in the angels basketball case the 4 runs the base line. finally you have the 5 which is your big man that is the tallest person, and when our basketball team runs diamond the 5 is on the foul line.

Our Plays!!

The Angels basketball team has 3 plays unless the defense goes in to a zone and we have 1. One of our plays is called motion where the 4 and 5 comes down and sets a screen on the 21 and 3 and the 2 and 3 pops out and does other stuff.line is where the 2 and 3 pops out and the point goes to either side and if she goes to the 4 and 2 side the 4 sets a screen and the 2 goes down to the base line or the 3 goes down for a layup with her.and gator i cant rally explain all i know is that the 1st option goes to the 5. and diamond i will have to explain in person not on this.

triple threat position!!

triple threat means when somebody throws you a ball you can pass it shoot it or you can dribble it..

The Angels Baskteball Team!! whaaaaa hoooo

we have a basketball team and our name is the angels and we kick butt. the people that goes to school here and plays on the team is Abigail keesling, Haley Rife, Madison Brown, Macy Davis, and of course me Abby Hawks we where having tryouts but i dont know when.

the fouls double dribbling and walking

there are 3 different kinds of fouls shooting fouls, taking the ball out and the big ts. you do not want technacols or however you spell. you also got double dribbling which mean you put 2 hands on the ball. and walking mean you pick the ball up and you start walking with it or moving your feet. you can only pibit which means you put 1 foot on the ground and the other you can move around but you have to keep that one foot on the ground.

i hope you enjoy this presentation thank you

from haley and madison and me