ASCISD December Newsletter

As the fall semester quickly winds down, the ASCISD Leadership Team wants to take the opportunity to spotlight students and staff in our district. Even though this semester has been extremely busy, we all believe that the students and staff members have been doing "whatever it takes" to keep the focus on success. From FFA succeeding at the state-level and elementary and junior high students placing at the UIL competition to Varsity Football competing in UIL for the first time and the formation of the Fighting Owl Marching Band, Anderson-Shiro CISD continues to exhibit excellence in every pursuit. The newsletter will serve as an opportunity to bring into focus the success at every level in Anderson-Shiro CISD.

Spotlight on Staff

Naci Atchley, Junior High Math & Reading Teacher

Grade(s), Subject(s) - 6th grade Math, 7th grade Math, and 8th grade ELA

Years Taught - 0.5

High School Alma Mater - Sulpher Springs High School

College Alma Mater - Sam Houston State University

Mission - "My mission is to give my students tools and strategies to help them become life long learners."

Vision - "I'm working to create a community of collaborative learners by utilizing technology in my classroom."

Goals - "My goal is to provide academic, social, and emotional support to my students so they are ready to enter high school."

What's being said about her - "Mrs. Atchley has created a positive, highly-engaged learning environment for her students. She uses project-based learning which allows students to make real world connections and promotes critical thinking. Students cannot wait to go to Mrs. Atchley's class!" -Ms. Goolsby, Principal

Staci Rotello, Kindergarten Teacher

Years Taught - 0.5

High School Alma Mater - Anderson-Shiro High School

College Alma Mater - Sam Houston State University

Vision - "I believe that I am empowering my 21st century learners to be ready for college and/or the workforce by having my classroom reflect modern learning. I am striving to incorporate technology in an effective manner from using iPads during stations and small group, as well as utilizing the SmartBoard each day for our morning calendar. Another very important factor that I include in teaching is having my class think critically. I feel that when you combine both modern advances and critical thinking you are adequately preparing all learners for the future."

Mission - "I chose to pursue a degree in education because I not only wanted to make a positive impact on the future but I also wanted to reamin close to my son and family. I am happy to say that with education I have the best of both worlds! My motivating factor in educating young people is knowing that I have the ability to help shape their future. I especially enjoy teaching Kindergarten because all of the children are excited to learn and because of this I am able to incorporate many fun and exciting lessons each day."

Goal - "I want all of my students to enjoy learning while also gaining the skills necessary for them to be successful in the years to come."

What's being said about her - "It is so rewarding to see an Anderson-Shiro graduate come back to their hometown, student teach here, and then get their first teaching assignment in the same district they graduated from. Staci has proven to be a valuable addition to the Anderson-Shiro Elementary staff both in and out of the classroom. I admire her dedication to her students, her willingness to try innovative teaching strategies, and her 'can do' attitude." -Ms. Countryman, Principal

Jennifer Lavergne & Kimberly Holloway, Elementary Support Staff

Jennifer, Elementary Receptionist, is in her 5th year and Kim, Principal's Secretary, is in her 4th year with ASCISD. Mrs. Countryman said, "They continuously are the backbone in making the elementary school run smoothly on a daily basis. They do so with a smile on their face and a spring in their step. Mine and Mrs. Nienstedt's job would be so much more difficult if it was not for these two fine ladies." Another District Administrator, Mr. Cosby said, "Kim and Jennifer juggle a ton of different jobs and always still have a smile on their faces for anyone coming in the building." Thank you Jennifer and Kim for working hard and making ASCISD excel in every aspect of what we do.

Spotlight on Students

Amber Pasket, High School Student of the Month

Grade - 12th

Nominating Teacher - Mr. Tuggle

"Amber is so mature and reliable in all that she does. She sets high standards for herself and help bring others to do their best. She is a prime example of a student that leads by example. She is involved in school-related events all the time and has a drive that is uncommon in people her age."

Blaise Parker, Junior High Student of the Month

Grade - 7th

Nominating Teacher - Mrs. Rund

"She has a constant positive attitude and inspires others to excellence. She shows leadership in UIL and in other in-class activities."

Johnathan Osborne, Elementary Student of the Month

Grade - 4th

Nominating Teacher - Mrs. Crystal Sechelski

"Johnathan is always eager to learn each and every day. He comes prepared to class while giving 100 percent in all subject areas. His respectful/positive attitude sets the tone in class and is noticed by students and teachers, making him an excellent role model. For these reasons, I feel that Johnathan Osborne exemplifies all that a student of the month should."

Morgan Moriarty, Elementary Student of the Month

Grade - Kindergarten

Nominating Teacher - Mrs. Amanda Sechelski

"Morgan is a confident, dependable kindergarten student who possesses many excellent character qualities. She has the best manners and diligently follows school and class rules. Her helpfulness and caring manner are two of many qualities that make Morgan a fabulous friend and student. Morgan is a conscientious student who always gives 100% everyday. She is not afraid to take risks and is a natural leader. Her positive attitude and solid work ethic will make her successful in life. I am honored and blessed to have Morgan in my class. Keep reaching for the stars!"

Things to do this month...

Fighting Owl band to perform their Christmas Concert

December 13 at 7:00 pm

Online Flyer

ASCISD Theatre presents "A Magic Christmas"

December 17 at 6:00 pm

Online Flyer

Anderson-Shiro Elementary presents "A Holiday Moosical"

Thursday, December 20th

First Performance - 9:00 am

Second Performance - 6:00 pm

Practices will be at 12/11, 12/13, and 12/18 from 3:15-4:30.

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