J-Edgar Hoover


J-Edgar Hoover Thoughts

i think that the man was very smart. He made the F.B.I., which is no small feat and he even ran it after he made it. I would bet that he was a legend among americans. His dedication to help America made sure of that. He was the man who transformed the F.B.I. into a private and secret police force. He protected his country and I respect him for that, but he also had some nasty secrets that have since been revealed. He was addicted to gambling adn he claimed he had information on everyone in Washington. The man did his deeds and his duds.

5 Facts

1. First director of F.B.I.

2. Sixth director of Bureau of Investigation

3. He was an American Politician

4. Died in 1972 at the age of 77

5. Born January 1, 1895


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